What iPhone Should I Avoid

What iPhone Should I Avoid?

Apple’s consistent game of releasing new models and series has been based on almost an annual event. Nearly everyone looks forward to upgrading for every release or at least are more intrigued to get one, for those who have it not yet. Upgrading the phone has been a tradition in the tech world. The customary practice has helped refine them and fill whatever lapses that might have been in previous models. The continuous innovation has helped push the world into a very technological and online-based system and not just as regards to phone only but generally because change is inevitable.

So usually, when people do not purchase an iPhone within six months of release, they know there is likely going to be another model in few months, so they save up and wait for the latter. For individuals with the luxury of money, it’s easier to buy a new one. and here at Goldgenie, we make for such individuals the avenues to leave the basic class of the iPhone and step up to the luxurious class league of phone possession.

Why You Should Run?

Some iPhones that one shouldn’t think to purchase but avoid at this time due to several factors are; the iPhones SE (first generation), earlier models, and maybe the iPhone 7


Up until the iPhone SE, the highest operating system is the iOS 8. The iPhone 7 still has the iOS 10. Some do have the processing power or capacity to upgrade to the latest software, while others don’t. Even for those that can, they might stop getting updates soon, just like the very early models that cannot now. And without software support, one’s device can slowly become less secure and outdated.

More interestingly, the Camera section is another factor. It is a major one that can call for the avoidance of these settings. The later iPhones have a more refined camera with higher megapixels that results in sharper and clearer vision. They also have some other fascinating features like night mode, studio light, portrait mode for the rear camera – beginning from the iPhone 7, one of the few features which has made it a ‘maybe’, that is, a little suitable – and portrait mode for selfies which is exclusive to iPhone X and its successors, and so on. These features are so diverse they allow for convenience in taking pictures irrespective of the time or environment. One shouldn’t miss them.

These are few factors amidst several ones that should make one avoid these iPhones.

Where to get the best iPhones?

Goldgenie is the best place to get the best iPhones. Why? You do not get them ordinarily. We leave them in gold and other riveting jewels for a beautiful heavenly finishing, giving you the best iPhones in the best forms, i.e., in a luxurious form and distinguishing you from the regular class. You should visit us for one or some of these beauties today!

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