What is the Price of iPhone Gold?


Unfortunately, the gold in your iPhone will not make you a millionaire. The unit is too little. If you removed all, you would only get about $1.52 worth of gold. Useless, if you take in the time and energy invested and even the cost of retrieving the gold. Now, the real deal is a ton of iPhones will produce more gold than a ton of gold ore. This is what makes recycling smartphones or electronics that are no longer in use a brilliant idea.

Suppose you want more gold in your iPhone and want it to look more expensive and classier. In that case, you should be looking into gold plating, and where else should you go regarding anything gold plating if not Goldgenie? Goldgenie offers iPhones of all release range, fully customized and electroplated in 5 microns of pure luxurious 24k gold, Rose Gold, or Platinum. Also available in different ranges of Apple reinforced choice of coloured glass, epitome range, Swarovski, 18k solid gold, or VS1 Diamond variants.

Benefits of gold plating your iPhone.

Gold plating does not just make your phone look more expensive. There are a lot more benefits to gold plating, of which we will list a few.


Gold plating your iPhone renders you more accountable and less cavalier about how you treat your phone. You may be used to treating your phone with care, but you’ll take more time to care even better when you have it gold plated. Hence, ensuring that you use your phone for a set amount of time without it developing faults due to mismanagement.

Increase in value:

You will find only 1% of people using iPhones gold plating it, which, if you decide to goldplate yours, puts you in league with the 1%. Also, the lesser the percentage of people who have access to such opportunities, the more valuable your iPhone compounds and can serve as a beneficial investment source.

Aesthetically pleasing:

iPhones are incredibly beautiful, no jokes. A beauty that you can top by gold plating your phone. Gold is not the queen of jewels for nothing. It is one of the most pleasing pieces of jewellery, and immersing your iPhone in pure 24k will leave you with unparalleled beauty.


Gold is synonymous with wealth and is usually associated with luxury. An accessory as simple as a gold necklace attracts several eyes and compliments. Bigger accessories draw awe, attraction, and envy. Imagine a 24k gold-plated iPhone. Luxury comes with a price but is worth every penny.

If Goldgenie is known for something, it is professionalism and originality. Every item sent for Gold plating or every item bought gold plated is nothing less of the utmost professionalism and an exact value. Each item is also sent out with a certificate proving its originality and aiming to clear customers’ doubts. With many years in service and a close relationship with gold, the aim is to make every customer’s fantasy a reality.

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