Choosing The Right Meraki Wireless Solutions


If you’re looking for exceptional Meraki Wireless solutions, look no further than Smart LTD. They provide outstanding WiFi that enhances performance in high-density wireless environments as well as delivering networks that are reliable for all clients. Not to mention, offering solutions that do not require complicated implementation or constant support.

The Best Meraki Wireless Solutions

Smart LTD provides two main Meraki wireless solutions: Cisco Meraki Cloud and Cisco Meraki SD-Wan.

Their Cisco Meraki Cloud option is defined by access points that are made from top quality components and carefully optimized for a smooth user experience. This results in fewer support calls, more coverage, better-used capacity and quicker connections.

The Meraki Cloud wireless WiFi is built for performance and consists of enterprise-class 802.11ac APs that feature powerful radios and improved receive sensitivity. Additionally, MIMO and integrated beamforming increase capacity without negatively affecting range.

Another key element of the Meraki Cloud wireless option is a dedicated security radio. The WiFi radio detects the RF environment and adapts to interference, scans and protects against security threats and automatically configures RF settings to enhance performance.

As for Meraki SD-Wan, this wireless WiFi decreases operational costs and increases resource usage for multi-site deployments. Therefore, network administrators can use bandwidth more efficiently and ensure high performance for critical applications without sacrificing security.

Furthermore, their Meraki SD-Wan wireless option has a variety of outstanding features such as transport independence, application optimisation, intelligent path control and secure connectivity.

Smart LTD’s Meraki wireless WiFi is excellent. They have a combined 50 years of experience in WiFi, Boyd, WAN, Lan infrastructure and premise-based wireless technologies.

In addition, they provide a full life cycle service and a range of wireless solutions for both enterprise and SMB clients. Plus, continual support that meets their client’s requirements.

It is not through luck that they have renowned clients such as the Telegraph Media Group, Amazon and the National Motor Museum. They are Meraki professionals who offer reliable wireless solutions.

If you are interested in Meraki wireless, give them a call on 0345 3822 866 or send them an email at sales@smartltd.com for more information.