Luxury Modern Living in Grey and Gold


It is preposterous, the assumption that redecorating your house to a befitting appearance is usually expensive. At the end of this article, I daresay you will come out with a new mindset.

  • Do you find concentration difficult and you find yourself leaving your house more often than not?
  • Should your house not be an escape where you look forward to escaping to rather than escaping from?

Try redecorating. If you are content with the appearance of your house, many times you will find yourself not wanting to leave but to curl up with a cup of coffee and admire the modern luxury of decorating you have allowed yourself.  Imagine a sophisticated palette of powder greys and gold elements adorning your home.

Luxury and class can be inexpensive, modern, minimalistic, simple and of course exhibit luxury. Beginning with your living room, an open and airy room with grey walls and window blinds, a sofa of grey pillows, and one gold pillow to cast its light. A plush grey rug with a gold centerpiece on which you can write or place your laptop when you work in the living room area.

A black marble wall to match your T.V and a lounge chair creased with gold at the corner, a grey and gold pillow on it for when you want to relax and read a book. Mesh lights hanging from above.

A lightwood collared tiles running into your kitchen, with an elegant grey dining island. Farther back will reveal the kitchen island where you prep your food. In a corner will stand a grey refrigerator and in grey wood; your cooker, oven, the microwave will be framed and the wood extending over to a sink and slab area.

Going to the bedroom, a translucent grey headboard against which a navy-blue exquisite bed will stand paired with white sheets and a grey duvet. A marbled bedside table to put your alarm clock and phone, a T.V mount similar to the headboard on which a T.V will sit, a vanity mirror with golden touches, and a dressing chair facing it.

The wardrobe area will reveal grey wood with gold handle and gold parallel lines. A bathroom maxed out in modern living and luxury; a unique bathroom sink of black ceramics paired with a freestanding tap, a tall looking mirror overlooking the sink, a black toilet to balance out the sink, grey marble revealing the shower enclosure which is fitted with a rainfall shower with medium-light effect to give the room warmth.Goldgenie Luxury Home

All this and more are services Goldgenie.com will provide Luxury Gifts for you, name your budget and let us begin work.