Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About African Grey Cages And Their Setup


In captivity, African grey can live up to 50 years, so finding the proper home for them is crucial! Remember that your grey will spend a lot of time in their home, so make it as inviting as possible!

We’ll go through everything you’ll need for your African greys cage step by step in this article! Every aspect is important for your grey’s comfort and well-being, from perches to the number of bowls you require in a cage!

Your African Grey’s Ideal Cage Size!

Your grey’s cage is more than a place for them to sleep; it’s their home. Your grey requires plenty of area to walk about and expand their wings in order to live in the greatest possible habitat!

An African grey’s cage should be 3 feet wide, 2 feet long, and 4 feet tall (Minimum). This is to ensure that they have adequate room to walk around and feel as relaxed as possible!

The larger the cage, the better when it comes to birds. Extra space will have a greater impact on your bird than you might think!

Everything an African Grey Cage Requires!

To be complete, African grey cages require a wide range of items. Perches, Climbing Material, 3 Bowls, and Toys are typical components of a setup. Let’s take a closer look at each of these points.


Perches are necessary for a cage layout; not only will they assist your feathered friend in getting around, but they will also provide a workout for your birds’ small feet, simulating their natural environment!

Perches Are Essential In Any Setup!

It’s critical to provide your bird with a variety of perches to enjoy. Rope, Wood, and Platform Perches are the three most common types of perches, and each is essential for your birds’ well-being! When purchasing wooden perches, remember to get a variety of shapes and sizes to resemble various wild branch shapes and sizes! It will be much appreciated by your bird!

Material for Climbing

Climbing material is necessary to keep your bird stimulated while navigating their environment. From ropes to little ladders, you may find a variety of climbing materials. They should, however, be a part of every setup in some way!

Bowls For Food And Water (Plastic Or Stainless Steel?)

A minimum of two bowls is required for all birdcages, but three is preferable if space allows! Each bowl serves a certain purpose. Water will be in the first bowl, dry food (pellets) in the second, and fruits and vegetables in the third. Separating their meals is an excellent idea for hygiene reasons!

Toys are a type of entertainment (Paper, Wood, Palm Leaves)

Toys can keep your bird entertained and cognitively stimulated. Nobody enjoys sitting around all day with nothing to do, and your bird is no exception! There are many wonderful toys to pick from, all made of materials that have been shown to bring joy to your bird.

Toys for Foraging

These toys are great for simulating what your parrot would do in the wild, which is to pick things apart to get to the treat in the middle. Foraging toys will keep your grey entertained while also stimulating their natural instincts.

Accessories And Covers For Cage

A cage cover with a front opening and Velcro strips to close it. All manufactured cages, including Rainforest Cages and Skyline Cages, are ideal candidates for this product. 6 sizes to choose from.

The covers are only available in black and ensure that your bird gets a nice night’s sleep in complete darkness.

Resistant to water and stains Material that is tough.

3 Best Cages For African Greys

Rainforest Amazona Ii Bird Cage With Stand

Small Bird Cage With Stand that suits Conures, Budgies, Lovebirds, Kakariki etc.

Comes with Perspex splatter guard to help prevent mess ANTIQUE ONLY.Width 81cm    Depth 53cm Height 152cm. Bar strength 2mm    Bar spacing approx. 1cm.

Liberta Enterprise 2nd Edition Tall Open Top Cage

This very large open/closed top parrot cage sits on castors to make it easy to move and comes complete with 3 stainless steel feeding bowls and 3 perches. With opening top perching area. Suitable for Macaws, Cockatoos. Size without seed catcher is Width 102cm x Depth 76cm x Height 208cm.

Size with seed Catcher is Width 122cm x depth 96cm. Inside Height 167cm. Bar Spacing 22mm – 24mm Bar Thickness 4mm – 5mm. Zinc Free.

Rainforest Castello Ii Large Parrot Cage with Divider


A large strong cage suitable for Macaws, Cockatoos, African Greys, Amazons and all medium and large parrots. With optional divider included and strong 5mm bars. Please see additional info for delivery details.