Keep Your Parrot Happy !


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Parrots are brilliant birds and can make excellent pets, but there are some guidelines that you should know about them and their care requirements before deciding to buy one. Keeping your beautiful birds happy and comfortable is like a full-time job, but if you understand the bird’s needs like parrot food, bird toys, and parrot feed, etc. then it is easy to make sure that your parrot stays healthy. Below are some essential factors that help you to keep your bird happy.

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Choose a proper square or rectangular cage because these are more appropriate for parrots. Most birds feel unsafe or uncomfortable in round cages that do not have corners. Always ensure that the cage is large enough for your parrot to climb and move happily in. Bird home or cage should have sufficient room for branches, toys, bowls, and rest areas.

Bird experts have described the benefits of feeding parrots’ healthy and fresh foods like fruits and vegetables as well as seeds and pellets. These foods are very significant to certify proper diet and vitamin intake but introducing new diets to your bird will cause pleasure and mental inspiration in your favourite bird. Always try to give them a variety of nuts, fresh and dried fruits and seeds, in this way you will feel that you have a healthy and happy pet. 

Try to choose suitable toys for your bird. Toys provide mental motivation and aid from boredom. It would help if you offered toys that have a range of textures, colours and sounds, even you can offer natural wooden toys. It is ideal for changing or rotating the toys weekly, so your bird or parrot does not get bored.

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  • Buy small and lightweight toys for little birds.
  • Parrots prefer large play stands
  • Select thicker toy pieces for large birds to manipulate toy with their beaks, tongues and feet
  • Birds love to chew, so be careful to check the toys frequently for damage and remove them if they are cracked, because it could cause injury to your parrot


Taking time to connect with any pet is essential for socializing. Some parrots are good talkers than others, but many species have the natural capability to mimic human speech. Do not worry about how well your parrot learns to repeat humans but talking to your parrot is a significant part of its emotional health, so be sure to speak to your bird regularly. You should spend a minimum of 2 – 3 hours per day playing with your parrot for it to become a happy pet.

Visit the vet as per schedule. Some parrots are healthy forever naturally, but if your parrot is facing a health problem, it is better to consult with a good vet consultant. Make sure it’s an avian vet. Otherwise, you will be wasting your money. 

It would be best if you also planned annual wellness check-ups.