Christmas Toys, Treats and Accessories for Rats


Rats come in a wide range of colours, depending on the breed, and their eyes can range from pink to dark. Wherever possible, rats should live with other rats, therefore try to keep at least two of the same sex together. Females are extremely prolific; they can become pregnant within 24 hours of giving birth, and litter sizes range from 8 to 10. If at least one sex is neutered, they can live happily in mixed sex groups.

Pet rats aren’t completely self-sufficient, so make sure you have enough time to properly care for them – they need at least an hour of exercise outside the cage every day. A spacious cage with a sturdy floor and plenty of enrichment activities and toys is also recommended. When putting up a cage, it’s critical to encourage them to engage in natural behaviours such as climbing, balancing, chewing, burrowing, and foraging.

Rat toy for Christmas

Christmas Toys, Treats and Accessories for Rats

It is critical that the toys your rat uses are non-toxic and safe. Clean, pesticide-free, untreated wood should be used to make wooden toys. Hazel, willow, apple, and pear trees are the most common, secure woodlands. To bring a dash of colour to their cage, toys should be unpainted, painted with nontoxic paint, or dyed. Small objects that could be swallowed should be avoided as well.

We utilize primarily hazel and apple wood in our toys, which are acceptable and safe for rats. Wood is an excellent toy material since rats will gnaw on it, allowing them to engage in natural behavior and keeping them happy (rodents are literally characterized as “gnawing animals”).

Christmas Stocking Wood Toy

Hanging wooden stocking with rope, wooden cubes and acrylic beads. A great festive toy for rats and rodents. Actual toy size approx. 25 x 13cm.

Christmas Accessories For Rats

To keep your rat happy and stress-free, you should invest on a few essential pet rat cage accessories. They want a calm environment, therefore one of our pine houses is a suitable nest box for them. They also enjoy climbing, so make sure there are lots of ramps, bridges, and other bolted cage modifications that can be attached to any mesh walls.

Rats also enjoy putting together puzzles! As a result, consider placing rat treats at the end of mazes and coming up with creative ways to keep them occupied. We also sell splash protectors if you’re concerned about flying poos when your rats are happily digging.

Christmas Hamster/Small Animal Value Set

Set of 7 starter set up toys hich are great value to add to your pets home. Recommended for hamsters but used by a variety of small animal owners for other pets.

Natural woods all heat treated, helps prevent dental issues.

Apple tree block 7.9″ x 2″

Swing 5.51″ long x 2.56″ wide

Ladder 7.17″ long x 4.57″ wide

Unicycle 3.1″ long x 1.8″ wide

Dumbell 3″ long x 1.6″ wide

Roller 2.9″ long x 2″ wide

Seesaw 7.5″ long x 2.8″ wide

Christmas rat treats

Rats, as omnivores, require a well-balanced diet that includes grains, vegetables, and a source of protein. They also enjoy a low-sugar treat every now and then. Many of the Rosewood treats are suitable for rats but check the label first. Crocks are a popular snack that also happen to be high in vitamins and minerals.

A pumice chewing block is also a good idea, according to one of our rat customers. These are an excellent calcium source.


A top quality mix of nuts, no shells, contains Walnuts, Cashews, Almonds and Hazels and Brazil’s with an even ratio of each. All human grade rich in magnesium, antioxidants, vitamin A and calcium.

Braided Paper Rope Gold Yellow

Our braided paper rope is made fun colours using water based pet safe colourings made to be chewed.The braiding makes it strong and you can use it to hang toys, make toys or just knot for your pet to chew.